TRISKELL was founded in 1990, when MAKONA spread into many smaller offices. The founders were Lőrinc Csernyus, József Siklósi and Attila Turi, who all worked together in Makona since 1986. In 2008 Zoltán Horváth joined them, and in 2008 József Siklósi left to work in his own individual office. The name TRISKELL originates from a Celtic word that stands for the unity of the trio fire, water and air. These together from the fourth element: earth.

We have been working together since finishing university. When Triskell started, we were working with Imre Makovecz on the Hungarian pavilion in Seville, so that was a successful start. We took many ongoing commissions from Makona. Our relationship with our mentor, Imre Makovecz is still very important to us ever since. What we gained from this relationship, we try to pass on to young architects working in the office.

Our main profile is designing public buildings. Since the office started, we designed up to one hundred public buildings in various parts of Hungary; about half of these projects were realized. Designing residential buildings is also an important task to us, as well as the advisory work and urban design we do in villages, through which we try to hand on the living tradition.

Urban design, the so called “chief-architect”

It can’t be overemphasized that against the mainstream in Hungary, our idea of this work is as follows:
A chief-architect should first show the buildings he can design. He should make an impact on the image of the village/town with his buildings. He should have a word on choosing the architects working in his village, and the regulations should not be done without him. We do our job only in this way in these places:
Lőrinc Csernyus
- Csenger since 1987, Üröm 1996-2002, Fehérgyarmat since 2003, Solymár since 2005, Bonyhád since 2005
Zoltán Horváth
- Ócsa since 1998, Felsőpakony since 2006
Attila Turi
- Őrbottyán 1992-1994, Budakalász 1996-2009

Organization Kós Károly (KKE)

The premises of founding KKE reaches back many years. The mid eastern European intellectual-architectural-social movements at the turn of the previous century, the artists of Gödöllő, the work of Ödön Lechner and of course the work and life of Károly Kós. These are the main reasons why we joined KKE, and take part of its events.

The Journeyman’s school of Architecture (Vándoriskola)

The Journeyman’s school of Architecture is a non-official, post graduate training, where young architects learn their trade by working beside architects of the KKE. In six semesters the Journeyman has opportunities to look into the life of six different offices, getting to know six ways of approach, method of work. In a way similarly to the servants of guilds in the Middle Ages. Beside that, the school organizes lectures, competitions, field trips. The training concludes in the presentation of the young man’s work. A building that he designed and is -or nearly- complete.

International connections, projects abroad

TRISKELL constantly creates projects in the neighboring countries, mainly on the territories of Hungarian population. We are there in Slovakia, Romania or Poland. With Imre Makovecz we had projects in Germany, England, France and Italy.


We had numerous exhibition independently and as part of the KKE: Kosice (Slovakia), Budakalász, Ipolyság, (Slovakia), Királyhelmec (Slovakia), Csenger, Komárom, Székesfehérvár, Technical University of Budapest, Kecskemét, Kaposvár, Rennes, (France, Bretagne) Debrecen, Zalaegerszeg